Sunday, April 25, 2010

un jour sans ma montre.

real quick before I head to bed, I wanted a piece of my day today.

But first of all you need to know a few things

1. I love wearing a watch. I love wearing a watch for two reasons:

a of all: I love knowing/answering if some asks the time without looking at my cell phone
b of all: the watch tan line proves I have a tan. no matter how awful it looks, it is evidence that even though my tan is your pale, I'm still tan.

2. I love analog watches. I love analog watches for two reasons:

a of all: they don't beep.
b of all: I think they are more refined. In fact, I can remember being a little girl and putting my dad's NCAA watch on--like this one : but it is all gold and it stretchs. but even with it all closed up, it was always HUGE on my arm. My mom is a fan of the gold and silver loose chain watches. I think these are rather annoying because it is always a hassle to see the time. Clearly the head of the watch falls to the low side of you arm and it jingle-jangles all day long. Still, I'd put hers on too just for kicks and pretend to be grown up.

My watch is plain, go figure. It has a dark brown leather band. It was 12 dollars at Target. The face is silver and it is small. (gotta keep the tan line visible but not dominating, you know).

Anyways, the point of this is that today I went without my watch. I spent the day not scheduled. This doesn't mean I never knew what time it was. No, I have a clock by my bed, on the oven, on the cell phone that I unintentionally, but gratefully left at the apartment both times I left today and on my computer screen which has and will be keeping me company as I drudge through multiple 10+ papers that I have to get done soon. very soon.

But, when I went for a run and when I went for ice cream, ahem Menchies, with sweet friends, I didn't worry about the time. I was just there. It was wonderful.

Now it time for bed, lots of writing to finish and start tomorrow. love,

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