Monday, June 21, 2010

ma ville

this past weekend my whole family spent the weekend in the mini van/minivan (two words/one word?) on a trip down to attend the wedding of my cousin, N.M.S., in Mobile, Alabama.

We headed south on 75, continued on 85 down through where my cousin had grown up in Hogansville in order to visit the tiny, lovable main street (home of one of the best antique stores around) and the graveside of my uncle. It was great to simply make a memory as we headed to celebrate at the wedding of my uncle's only son. So we headed down through AL on 65 and had a great time meeting is then fiance, now wife, E.S., at their God-centered wedding ceremony.

Then we turned right back around and headed north on 65, 85, 75 back home. Father's day at church was great. We got my dad a real soft Eddie Bauer loose fitting, especially around the bottom slate gray henley style shirt. He also received an honorary membership to a golf club in town. I am pretty sure the membership beat the shirt on the excite-o-meter.

Later on I drove into Chattanooga. If you have never been to Chattanooga, please visit. I love this city. It is weird though, because when I am not there I don't think about it much. I am where I am. However, when I drive away from it, I always always have an overwhelming feeling of love, good memories of THE BEST childhood, and thankfulness to my great God for the life that He's given me.

My Sunday in Chattanooga started at my second home on Missionary Ridge. I took my friend S.S. up to relax and destress. as we sat on the sun porch drinking diet cokes and looking over the Chattanooga Valley. Then I drove up the mountain where I lived for the first 14 years of my life to visit with another sweet friend. We just chatted, laughed, tried to figure a thing or two out about life, contemplated me just spending the night, decided to not, and drove on back up to Knoxvegas. It was just sweet time in my city with my sweet friends.

Off to work, discover new places in town, surprise friends at their houses, and simply move because I am able to.