Saturday, November 27, 2010

deux mois plus tard

"Now if God can take a tiny seed and, in the process of giving it his life, endow it with a knowledge of what it is supposed to be; if he can give it the purpose and strength and fruitfulness to not only accomplish it all, but to perpetuate itself as well; and if he can give it an inner calendar to tell it when all of this is supposed to be done, why is it so hard to believe he has done the same for our hearts?
Since he has done this for tomatoes and thistles and beans and dandelions, it shouldn't stretch our credibility to much to believe that his his image in us, the image inherent in the life he gives to each of us, is calling us to be.
The trick is to hear his voice, to believe it, and to trust it."
See You at the House by Bob Benson