Sunday, April 18, 2010

la vie d'une jumelle.

Well, just one bit of interesting news. But, if you really new me you'd know that the phrase, "long story short" doesn't amount to a hill of beans, so here goes.

When I was born...not kidding, we're starting mom had to get a shot b/c she's Rh negative. I don't know all the science behind it, but as a result, my twin sister and I also had some blood tests done. This resulted in us knowing our blood types--hers O+ and mine A-, so my parents knew we were fraternal.

This proved to be hard to believe for most people who for the past 22 years have pretty much assumed we're identical, and we had to repeat over and over that we had different blood types.

This all changed on thursday. She had was giving blood at her college for the first time in her life. I am not sure why she'd never given before. Seems like I've given a ton of times. Anyways, they pricked her finger and squeezed it into the tubey thingy and then dropped in on a slide (ps she took the MCAT saturday; she's going to die laughing if she reads 'tuby thingy' ha!) They nurse lady dropped some other liquid, dropped it onto the slide, swirled the two together, looked under a light, and noted her findings.

My sis, being the gal who was about to take the MCAT decided to find out what the nurse lady was doing. The nurse lady said she was just determining what blood type my sis was and found that she was A-. (now quick, look back up and note that this is not the original findings from birth day.) Sis was dumbfounded, explained the situation, and asked some questions. The nurse lady proved to be not much help, and I've decided probably not the brightest of nurse ladies in the world, but we'll let it go.

Well, sis calls me with the news. This means that at the age of 22 we found out we might have an identical twin. So cool, so different. I call my roommate, text some others, and we conference call our brother. The parentals were out of the country. We were only supposed to call them if "there was blood involved, a lot of blood," (said the mother-like-no-other). I justified there being a lot of blood involved and we tried to conference them in. They didn't answer. Lame.

Skip to today: The parentals arrived home around 6 a.m. and I called around 12:30 post church. The mother-like-no-other answered and promptly called me by my sister's name. I corrected her. She apologized, then said, "Well y'all might be identical, so I guess I have more of an excuse."

The end, I'll let you know if we find out for sure. Anyone know how much DNA testing is these days?

oh and, did this today because I love not writing papers:

I'm a dork, enjoy!


Joanna said...

Here's a little science 101 -

The (-) or (+) sign means that you either have or don't have the Rh antigen on your RBC's. When the baby is in mama, their blood never touches, O2 is exchanged across the placental barrier. Once labor begins and and the baby is being delivered, the blood of baby and mama mix. If the baby and mama's (-) or (+) don't match, mama's blood will recognize the difference and start to make antibodies (the things used to fight infection, foreign substances) against the opposite sign. This is a problem if mama gets pregnant again with a second child. If baby 2's sign doesn't match, mama's blood will attack the baby.

love, your favorite nerd

littlemissmiah said...

I loved the comment on 'tube thingy!' and i love the youtube video!!!!!