Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Je me suis googlée. (Je viens d'inventer ce participe passé)

So today in class I heard for the gajillionth time that you have to be extremely cautious with the information that you put on the internet because once it is there, it is there forever. My professor told us to go home and Google ourselves to we are up to date on the info that is up because you just never know.

Here are the results for Julia Suddath when typed into Google's search engine. (By the way I happen to love to Google anything and everything. I the queen of answering 97% of the questions that M.E.A. asks by saying, "let's look it up." I am loyal to Google. Yahoo and the others just don't measure up.)

1. Julia Suddath: Facebook--clearly Facebook pays the big bucks for their items to appear at the top.
2. Julia Suddath: $1000 in Political Contributions for 2004--well, ha, even if I did have $1000 to give away when I was 16 and a sophomore in high school, I sure would not have donated it in the same way.
3. Julia Suddath: THIS BLOG--
4. Fall 2009 Dean's List UT College of Communication and Information: Thank you, thank you. You don't need to congratulate me.
5. Malik Julia: The results for searching "Malik Julia" on 123 people dot com HAHA
6. Julia Suddath Campaign Contributions -- Huffington Post: Well, clearly distant cousin Julia is certainly doing her part for padding the political campaign wallet.
7. About USJ: dear high school, how have you been??

Well it gets a bit general from there on out. However, this is my reminder to you in case you haven't been constantly reminded by many to be prudent with your online information.

Have a blessed day/night!


Joe H said...

Hey Julia! So you got me interested and I had to google myself... Turns out guys with the name "Joe Horlacher" have already been successful in nearly every area of life. There is a football star, a politician, and founder of Horlacher breweing, and even some big shot on YouTube! Guess I'll have to fight my way out from underneath their Joe Horlacher-shadows.

Take care :)

littlemissmiah said...

I googled myself too!!! I found alot of ads in the newspaper about me.