Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I started the week in the library, in the commons, downloading Google Chrome (again, my obsession with Google continues) which I absolutely adore! I had a long night ahead of me. 2 presentations, 2 response paper, a 3 page extended CV, 200 pages of reading to finish, and a quiz to study for. at 3 am I went home to sleep for 3.5 hours.

School Tuesday came and went, I turned all the work in, did mediocre on the quiz and headed to dinner with C.J. to meet L.M., K.?, and A.A. for our first bible study together. It was INCREDIBLE! I could maybe go on for days but I'll just say for now that I am so grateful for the time to be with these new friends and am so excited about working through the Bible and the study 5 Aspects of Woman--a study that provides a biblical and theological framework based on a Genesis-to-Revelation study of five truths on the nature of femininity. Then I came home to finally spend some quality with M.E.A. and talk to by mom and brother on the phone.

Then Today! Such a fun day! I woke early to meet with my Young Life team at the office. Then I went to work and wrote an article, well two actually, on the same thing because all my bosses were on the phone and not checking their e-mail and I didn't know what to focus on and had nothing else to finish. Wednesdays are short at work for me because I want a day in the middle of the week to go out to Gibbs. I had sweet time with K.T., B.T., S.S., H.D., E.H.,N., M.G, D.M.,L., A.W., A.P., S.P., and K. and a great ride there and back with J.T. (so thankful for her).

After running to the grocery store, I met K.M.P. for coffee at the golden roast. I love my time with her. She helped me get through this past summer like a champ. We were T's in an world filled with F's. Not wanting to get back into the real world, I impulsively drove across Knoxville to my absolute favorite shop in town: Bradley's!!!! And this is what greeted me:
They got their new spring items from market recently and let's just say that if I hadn't gone with only 20 minutes until close, I would have been in there for hours just look at everything about 20 times. It actually is like the smallest store, but I just circle and circle and circle. It is a bit on the high end of gift shops, well my high end, but I almost never leave without milk chocolate covered graham crackers.
After reluctantly leaving at closing time, I found myself heading away from my car and into JoAnn (which I call JoAnn's, which totally slaps me in the face because I have on way too many occasions made fun of K.N.F and M.E.A. to name a few who add an 's' to the end of Kroger). Anyway, I wandered and explored. I maybe could spend all day in those two stores, conveniently located in adjacent storefronts.

Anyways, I wanted to be crafty. I wanted to be crafty so bad because I did not want to do homework...thoughts of Monday night are haunting me. And this is what I found!

They are brads by my favorite fabric designer, Amy Butler ( visit and let your eye feast!). Et voila! I bent the pliable metal brads around simple necklace 18'' necklaces and made 9 simple, unique gifts for around $8 total. I also found some amy butler matting paper that I'll probably just use to write notes on and who knows what else! Woo hoo!!!! Now I am writing this blog and still procrastinating.

I am grateful, it's been a while.

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Mel-Pie said...

I thought it was JoAnn's too.... Haha. And the Kroger's thing made me laugh.

And I love your blog! It made me happy!