Tuesday, December 2, 2008

"...He enables me to go on the heights." -Habakkuk 3:19

Bonjour mes amis! Je vous voudrais expliquer le titre de ce blog, mais en anglais il sera mieux je suppose!
Hello, friends! I would love to explain the title of this blog, but I suppose it will be better in English!

One thing I adore is being up high. I love the feeling, the calmness that is paired with the elevation and magnificent view. It is a way I encounter my Savior, where He reveals his might and immensity as well as my weakness and smallness. Mountain peaks, the steps of the Eiffel Tower, rooftops, magnolia trees, my lofted bed are pretty much the range of heights that I have been shown. Most recently I took myself on a field trip to Knoxville's Sun Sphere observation deck for my quiet time. I sat in the floor as some families walked around spotting their cars and parents' work buildings. I read revelation and journaled some prayers of thanksgiving for the opportunity of being in Knoxville, at UT. I made some loops around the sphere, praying for the city and my school, both spread out below my eyes.

Christ does enable me to walk in the heights, because he saved me from the depths, and I am thankful for the joy he has given me in drawing me near.

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anna c. said...

you're such a beautiful blogger! more more more!!! :)