Wednesday, January 26, 2011

une histoire des gilets

Thought I'd fill you in on my adventure in the mall today as I enjoy a small can of sunkist.
The background:
So my roommate J.M.M. has this great addiction to outerwear. AND she is gracious enough to let me borrow items as needed. There is one exception, however, a tan puffy vest that is the holy grail of puffy vests. Well one night last semester J. was already out for the night and I needed something to wear, so I went to her closet and dawned the tan puffy. I then walked to dinner with my friend J.J nearby. Later that night I came home and J. had already come home. I walked into her room to return the puffy. Upon realizing that I had chosen it to wear, she said immediately, "You took the tan puffy! I bet you went to Asian!" I stood there like a frozen squirrel--how did she know I had enjoyed food and conversation at the Hibachi Factory?? Could she smell it?? Turns out she couldn't, but there would have been issues if she could've. We then had to sarcastically, but seriously lay down some ground rules for tan puffy.

Today though, I set out to find a puffy of my own. I left work with one mission: enter West Town Mall and leave with reasonably priced, hopefully tasteful puffy vest. I first went to The Gap (tan puffy is from The Gap), and although they were having a sale, the one vest I tried didn't seem to work great. Then I walked across the hall to AE. I always go in AE and I always leave about 47 seconds later because I feel like I am in middle school. Next, I turned into Eddie Bauer, which for some of you may seem a bit more targeted to parents than college students, but they have come a long way. (By the way my parents adore Eddie Bauer, and they love L.L. Bean even more.) In fact, I was hopeful because Eddie Bauer's stuff is quality and the women who work there are extremely nice. The puffy vests I looked at at first were way too far out of my price range. Quality comes with a cost. So I tried on a few items from the sale rack. And then I found it...The Yukon Classic Down Vest in black....on sale...big time sale. Here is what it looks like in red. Warning this is the most intense model I have ever seen:

(P.S. remember when I blogged last time about turning into my mother and her can read it here)

Anyways, I now love Eddie Bauer a lot. Expect me to dress like that model in my adult future, but hopefully less intense and more happy looking.

I texted J.M.M. and let her know that I got my own puffy, size S, in black, that she was free to borrow it any time, and that she was allowed one Asian meal in it.

How is your wardrobe holding up? Are you digging in the parents' clothes yet or shopping in their favorite stores? Or is it just me?

keep warm,

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Anonymous said...

I think it's just you jules....but maybe one day I may be a Chico's mom shopper. I guess you could say my carhart overalls fit under my dads clothing category tho : )