Thursday, January 6, 2011

L'année 2010 s'en est allée; "2011, l'année de la patience"

2010 is gone, but what a wonderful year it was!

a of all, I apologize for the lack of posting in the past couple of months. I haven't had internet at my apartment, so blogging has not been a high priority when I manage to snag some wifi.

b of all, even though it is well into the first week of 2011, I want to recap a few things from 2010 (but mostly just a conversation I had with dear friends on Dec. 31 in Jackson)

My New Years Eve was WILLLLLLDDDDD. just kidding.

I had the joy of spending it in Jackson with my sister and 2 sweet friends KNF and RSD (soon to be RDH, or RSH, depending on which name she's keeping. I didn't know people kept their middle names until recently)

Anyways, we ordered a stuffed crust pizza for $10 and watched the ball drop at 11 pm CST and then the Moonpie drop at midnight. Who knew they dropped a Moonpie in Mobile? I wish they would have actually thrown them from the rooftops. During all this, I decided I would ask some questions to my sweet friends that I get to see at best 2 times a year.

Question 1: In 2010, what were 2 moments that you will never forget? (I made it two because RSD got engaged, so the three of us single gals needed a bit more from her.) To be honest, I don't even know if I answered this question, but I'll answer it now.
1. Visiting Sharptop Cove this past Novemeber, seeing the beauty there, walking in healing with my family, and being so excited about the face that God does mighty things at that camp.
2. My cousin calling me to tell me that he and his wife were pregnant. I was in Wal Mart in Halls (the most beautiful Wal Mart in the nation) around 11 pm on a Thursday night. Right there trying on a pair of shoes I cried for absolute joy at the news!

Question 2: Who is someone you met in 2010 that you are thankful you know?
My friend LH. Never have I met someone who so transparently lives to glorify God in her marriage, work, and relationships.

Question 3: What is something you learned in 2010?
I learned that I may not be a fraternal twin, as my sister and I were told for the first 22 years of our life. We were told that we had different blood types which made us fraternal. However, in May 2010, we found out that we actually both have the same blood type. This doesn't make us identical, but it means that we might be.

Questions 4: What is something you did for the first time in 2010?
I sewed a quilt. It is about the size of a double bed. Whew it took forever, and it is by no means perfect. In the end it took me a few days to even like it. I wanted perfection. This quilt is not. Sewing is something I love, but it is something that continues to humble me, which I guess is a good thing.


I actually don't like this picture, but it will have to do. In person, the yellow is a lot less dominant.

I wanted to ask 2011 questions after the Moonpie dropped, but I got vetoed and we went to watch some movies.

On January 2 I was traveling back east across the state and my sisters and I stopped at Arbys. The staff there was having a little bit of a rough time figuring out the lunch rush. Let's just say it wasn't "fast" food. At all. When we did get our food, though, and turned to leave, an elderly gentlemen looked at my sister and I and said, "Ladies, 2011, the year of patience." Those are good words.

I'd love to hear some of your answers to these questions. Happy 2011! Be patient.


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Anonymous said...

okokok so the reason it took me so long is i have a hard time picking the best/my favorite/most just know that in any conversation i could realize that i need to add/change my answers : )

Moment's I'll never forget about 2010...
1. Seeing Jenny in the United States, in my house and getting to love on her!
2. The last year of college...I have amazing friends. Ones that I talked to everyday and some that I talked to on holidays and birthdays. Either way the Lord blessed me so much through that year...brought some hard times, but also a lot of healing.

Chelsea Smith is someone I met in 2010 that I am thankful to know...she is the and I don't know what I would do in Spartanburg without her!

In 2010 I learned how to embroider and have tried to make special gifts for all of my married/getting married friends!

I went to the Biltmore in 2010 and did a wine tasting. So fun to be able to compare them and see the differences in the various types of wine so I could find the ones I actually like the best.