Monday, January 17, 2011

Anglais Deux Cent Deux

This is that semester. The semester that has real life looming at the end of it. The semester that you take those classes that you let sit awhile while you figured out how to graduate. Classes like English 202.

Slight interjection, can I just say that originally I was in English 254 and whew am I glad I dropped and ran quick? A whole semester of "Witches, Faeries, and the representation of the Female in Literatre" is just not my cup 'o tea, and who spells fairies like that anyway? Plus the syllabus looked a bit thick, and let's be honest, it is that semester.

But I am in ENG 202, or British Literature II 'Wordsworth to Woolfe'. I never took British Literature I. Apparently it's not required.

Blackboard told me my professor was N.H. I looked her up on UT's website because I was hoping for a picture. You can tell so much from a picture. Also, when I was in middle school there was a girl in the grade above me whose name was also N.H. Her dad was also an English teacher. I was actually hoping it would be her. We were friends in middle school. I need to be friends with the person grading my ENG 202 papers. It wasn't middle school N.H.

The picture online did show a pleasant, intelligent looking lady. She was thin with thin blonde hair and crossed her arms like she was British, but maybe that impression only happened because I think taking Brit Lit II would be learned so much better from an actual Brit. My hopes were high heading into the classroom.

Alas, (this is Brit Lit II you know), N.H. was not British but she was pleasant and real intelligent. And we have the same taste in movies. Well I don't actually know if she likes all the movies I like but I do know that she likes period movies set in Britain like Young Victoria and Bright Star. I was the only student in the class to raise my hand to say I'd seen those very good, but not-your-average-blockbuster pictures. So, because of that, N.H. and I are friends.

However, N.H. assigned a two-page paper answering the questions a)What kind of books do you like to read and b)What do you hope to learn from this class. Really, N.H.? Two pages on those absurdly vague questions?

Well, there is a little look into a quarter of my Tuesdays and Thursdays. I should go tap-tap away a my two-pager instead of blog I guess.


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Anonymous said...

haha i'll never forget that time you and jo had us watch that extremely old movie that i couldn't understand at my house one time...