Monday, July 26, 2010

projets d'été.

I wouldn't normally say that I'm a huge goal setter or dreamer, but mid-summer I had two ideas that I really wanted to see through: I wanted to cut the legs off the bed in my room that stood at about 4 feet and I wanted to sew my own quilt.

Project 1: Baissez le lit. (Lower the bed.)
I live in a small room. (8'x10'') My granddad made a bed for my little sister when we moved to West Tennessee. It is an oversized twin frame that is solid wood. My mattress just sits on it and there is about a foot of space that is a built in shelf for a lamp, books, phone, etc.

First, I slept where you would sleep, on top of the bed. However, it was a hassle to climb up and study. Especially since I study late, with coffee, and coffee makes me pee. Climbing up and down late just didn't work. Also, I tended to fall asleep whenever I would try and study in bed. So then I just opted to work 100% of the time in the living room.

Then, this past Spring, I had a revelation: I'd just sleep underneath my bed and use the top to study. Well I slept well because it was darker under there, but the whole studying thing on top of the happened exactly once because it was still just a hassle to get on and off. (either that or I just didn't study much this past Spring).

So heading into next semester, I wanted to be able to get in an out of bed like a normal person. I wanted to be able to sit on my bed and hang out. I had really only been using my room to sleep and change clothes...

...But now...I feel like I have a whole new room! My sweet friend A.D.R.'s stepdad came over after I moved everything, which wasn't much, out of my room. He had all the tools and it took like 45 minutes start to finish to get the job done. I wish I had a camera, because I'd show you how fun it is to have a normal bed! I also have this awesome poster that I surrounded with scenery pictures from when I was abroad. I love it!

Project 2: Le couvre-lit (The Quilt)

I went home a few weeks ago and found this book at my little sister's sewing desk.

I loved everything in this book, but the Playing Along Quilt caught my eye the most! It looks like this:

(Anna Maria Horner has a blog, too:

I took a trip out west to Gina's Bernina and spent some moola on 6 fabrics. I started with a gray fabric with lots of colorful flowers, added a blue with white polka dots, yellow with white diamonds, green flowers, one with red couches and and white with swirly gray bicycles on it. I thought it would take a long time, but two days later I have finished cutting the pieces for the front! Now I just have to go home for a sewing machine and get to stitching! I realized that this quilt will be HUGE and not so cheap, but a good skill to learn, and something, if I do it well, that I will use for the rest of my life.

All this to say, I've realized that I have an old soul, but I'm okay with that!


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